Risk sharing program Lexi Club

For a regular fee of ~5$ you get up to 80% compensation of your vet services costs in case your pet get sick or injured. For more info read Our Conditions. No more paperwork, no bureaucracy, no waiting in queue.


You can request consultation from trusted vet doctor - free of charge, 24/7

We respect your time

Every case is solved very fast. Incredibly fast

New Tech for comfort

You even don’t need to download any app - everything is already in your messenger

Technology and approach

In our system, instead of people, most processes are handled by robots. Lexi Club members put regular fees to mutual fund, which is almost completely regulated by robots - the human factor is minimal. Thanks to automation, processes that usually take days in insurance companies, in Lexi Club take minutes. All events are fixed, recorded and available to program members – to ensure no one is cheating. Each Lexi Club member receives virtual Lexi Card, which cannot be falsified or lost.


To create our Lexi Club platform and make it convenient for users, we applied to leading edge technologies:

Blockchain – for secure data storage and transparency of the entire system

DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) on Ethereum platform – for fast and easy registration in the program through “smart contract", minimizing of human errors and for all processes acceleration

Cognitive services - help the system to recognize people and pets

Machine learning - allows Lexi constantly to improve

Chatbots - make the platform not only effective, but also convenient for users. All communication is in instant messengers, familiar to millions. No additional app installations and downloads. All you need – is chat!

Our Mission

Make hi-tech veterinary medicine available to everyone!

Lexi Club is an online community of pet lovers who have come together to help each other to compensate expenses in case of sudden illness, accident or loss of pets. The main ambition for Lexi Club is to get high-quality and most effective veterinary care for our beloved pets. We all agree with mutual respect for all members and partners of the Lexi Club, and also support our common Mission.

All members of Lexi Club and users of Lexi Bot guarantee not to use our services for purposes not related to the treatment of the pets, not to cheat when using products and services of Lexi Club. To report facts or attempts of fraud to members and partners of Lexi Club, in order to prevent such or create conditions for eliminating the possibility of repeated incidents. Security and openness are the main priorities in the activity of the Lexi Club. Lexi Club is an open project, built on mutual trust and active participation of members in the development of the club and the formation of principles, rules and conditions of its work.


Start chat

Telegram (@lexibot)

or Facebook (@lexiclub)

Provide info about your pet

And within a few minutes you will receive your personal Lexi Club card

Trauma or illness?

Visit doctor, inform Lexi, collect docs from clinic and take care of your pet - all issues about refund we’ll undertake on our own


Send all docs to Lexi. For a couple of hours Lexi will count and transfer to your wallet the necessary amount.






Compensation paid:




Very important question! Firstly - with the help of cognitive services Lexi can "recognize" particular pet. Secondly, with the help of a special probabilistic model built based on analyzed demographics and photographs of people and animals, Lexi can "predict" possible future events, for example, violation of the Lexi Club Rules by a club member. And finally robot Lexi monitors, analyzes and controls all calls and payments real-time (24/7), which allows her to react promptly and block suspicious operations and actions of Lexi Club participants and partners.

Dog or cat of any breed, age from 4 weeks to 8 years (see the Rules for more detailed info). Lexi calculates the cost individually. Approximate fee for registration (per month) is $6 for dogs and $5 for cats.

You can apply any clinic in Moscow and the Moscow region (now), which has permission to carry out veterinary activities. Now we expand our geography

Below there are our contacts, write to us, we will promptly solve the problem.

We are working on it. At now, you can register one pet via Facebook messenger, and the other one via Telegram

Lexi will be able to do soon: